Percy, Annabeth, and Silena want to rescue him but they need help so they take the metal head along to try to find the rest of the body of the bronze dragon which was once one of the camps defenses against monsters before Thalia's pine tree. When Nico found out that one of the seven may die, Percy was his third priority after Hazel and Jason. Percy greeted him, and the boys followed a green light further underwater. CHB/MC Thalia and Percy begin to fight, each one summoning stronger attacks until Percy stopped, seeing the Oracle walking towards them. However, along the way, complications start to unfold as Bob starts to remember who he is. After Carter gets blasted, Percy turns into his vulture avatar form, and Sadie whispers something into Annabeth's ear. Hazel ended up standing for Percy and letting him join the Fifth Cohort, which Nico was very proud of her for. Annabeth said as a daughter of Athena, she cannot endorse that, but Percy said that Annabeth is crazy smart and good at improvising, and that instead of training with him, he should have trained with Annabeth instead. The river was the river Cocytus, the River of Lamentation. After it was done, Percy told Nico to stay in the underworld and help his father, since he owed him, which made Nico believe that he didn't trust him and apologized to him, which Percy didnt accept. They formally got to know each other the next day when Percy smiled at her to greet her, which she was surprised by. Everybody else believed their pre-algebra teacher was Mrs. Kerr instead, and that they had never met a Mrs. Dodds. Percy and Coach Hedge met in The Mark of Athena, and he became Percy's chaperone. While searching for Daedalus in the Labyrinth, Percy runs into Nico at the Triple G Ranch. Hazel later questioned Nico about this, and Nico told Hazel that he couldnt say much about Percy due to a promise he made with his father, but said he was one of the good guys and dangerous only to his enemies. Gabe spent much of his time playing Poker with his friends. In return, Percy saved Piper from Otis and Ephialtes. Jet Black Percy left Apollo in his bathroom and gave him some Ambrosia and Nectar, and some clothes for him to wear. After gifting Grover aluminum cans, the satyrs suggest playing Pin the Tail on the Human, frightening the only human present - Percy. Take later. He also advised Frank, Leo, and Hazel to not mention haiku's when seeing Apollo. Percy and Leo first meet in The Mark of Athena, but Percy saw images and visions of Leo during The Son of Neptune. He wasn't Piper's type and thought he looked like a skater boy, a troublemaker, and if she saw him at a mall she would steer clear of him. Once they get out without Nico, Percy and the others run into a quiz show run by a Sphinx. Percy sees a possibility of a life of college and marriage with Annabeth while at Camp Jupiter when inside the protected city of New Rome, which could most likely become their future after the Second Demigod Civil War. When he got to camp, Percy had frequent dreams about Annabeth and that she was in distress. He requests that the gods claim their children by the age of thirteen and that Camp Half-Blood construct cabins for Hades and the minor gods so their children have a place at camp. Percy learned that the director of the camp was the Greek wine god, Dionysus, who was very unpleasant and moody, and Mr. Brunner, the former Latin teacher from Yancy Academy, was actually the hero-training centaur (half-human, half stallion), Chiron. Percy, Meg, and Apollo ate lunch together, and Percy complained about how he hates studying, since New Rome University required him to pass the DSTOMP test, all of his classes, and the SAT. He apologized for failing Calypso and said he knew about her and Leo. The dream features two animals, which is a horse and a bird attacking each other. . Percy told Apollo that the last time he saw him it was August, and now it was January. In The Demigod Files, Percy and Nico meet again with Thalia Grace when the three of them are summoned and sent to the Underworld by Persephone. Grover is injured and starts asking for food deliriously. In The House of Hades, Leo felt guilty about Percy and Annabeth and knew it was his fault, but knew that moping around wouldn't save him. Hazel was supportive of his relationship with Annabeth, smiling when they kissed. After Apollo said he didn't know how long he had been out, Percy recalled how Hera wiped his memory and that he hated memory gaps. 1.4K Takers Personality Quiz. Full name But suddenly, all of the Olympians and some other gods arrived due to the Athena Parthenos being returned, so Percy fought alongside Poseidon to defeat Otis and Ephialtes. In The Blood of Olympus, Piper and Percy were friends and Percy was worried when she wanted to fight Mimas with Annabeth alone. Actor Manhattan, New York City, New York Camp Half-Blood (summer round) Camp Jupiter (formerly) New Rome University He can be derisively sarcastic and moody, especially when someone tries to manipulate him or forces him to obey. Percy learns that he is a demigodmeaning that he is half-human and half-godand joins with other children of the Greek gods at . They are cornered at a cliff and he tells Thalia to jump at the last second. Percy intends to battle Tartarus, but is stopped by Annabeth, who feels that Tartarus is way too powerful and is a 'class by himself'. He is not afraid of anything in the mortal world anymore, including gangs. They were both compared to a superhero (Aquaman and Superman respectively). Phineas then cursed Percy to die a painful death through dissolving. They arrive at the lobby where Apollo literally brightens upon seeing them. Reyna decided to question him in the principia before bringing him to Octavian, and said he was either a new recruit or if he brought an enemy to kill. Percy and everyone else tried saving her, but they knew that it was completely useless as Grover announces tearfully that the next line of the prophecy has been fulfilled. While Percy had originally refused, he was finally persuaded by an offer of a year's supply of free pepperoni pizza, along with numerous blue jelly beans. Percy accepted her, to her surprise, telling her that she deserved to go to Elysium, and that she did the right thing by standing up to Gaea. Percy Jackson, the main character of the series, is his half-brother.They have the same father, the Greek god Poseidon.He first appears as a homeless boy in the second book of the series, The Sea of Monsters the second book. While Percy is sneaking up on Setne, he trips and falls on his butt which makes him noticeable to the magician. While on his journey in Tartarus, Percy realized Nico was stronger than he gave him credit for. From there, they went to Alaska as more of Percy's memories returned. According to Piper in The Mark of Athena, Percy smells like the sea, looks like a skater and a troublemaker, but she can still see what women would like about him, even if he isn't her type. He finds the demigod whom he spared earlier in the maze, Ethan. Percy suggested fighting Nike instead, but she refused, saying if they don't want to fight each other she will persuade them. Grover Underwood, Percy's best friend and protector. They escaped and Percy gave Nico ambrosia to heal from his fight, and caught him before he passed out again. The old one was so bad I was a little embarrassed to read it. Annabeth is offered the quest she has been waiting for since age 7: She must enter the Labyrinth, find Daedalus, and get Ariadne's String before their arch enemy, Luke Castellan does. He ended up saving Percy. Percy and Magnus shook hands before he left. Rachel briefly kisses Percy and Beckendorf makes a joke about not telling Annabeth about that little scene. Percy and Grover ride the elevator to the top of the tower and climb stairs to reach the roof. This prompted Carter to unintentionally attack him and they had a brief fight before agreeing to team up to stop Petsuchos. The Lightning Thief is the first in a series of five books called Percy Jackson and the Olympians by author Rick Riordan. When they reach Polyphemus's island they join up with Clarisse (who managed to survive the explosion), Grover (who had been captured by Polyphemus), and later Tyson, who miraculously survived thanks to Rainbow, a friendly hippocampus who dragged him out of the water. As for Percy, he suspected that Jason and Reyna were a couple, and felt awkward replacing him as praetor, and thought it would be awkward when Jason came back. She also told him the gods will want his blood and that he has yet to face his fatal flaw: being unable to step away. Once in the ocean, Percy regains all of his strength, drops his avatar form, grabs Setne by the throat, and drags him to the island. When Phobos makes Percy see his worst fear in The Demigod Files story, Percy saw that his mistake regarding Olympus would set the camp in flames with his friends inside, which could be interpreted as losing those close to him. After Nico and Percy met with Achilles, Nico had second thoughts on Percy bathing in the river, but Percy said it was his idea and to wait for him, and that if he died, he could be the hero of the prophecy. Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel included. However, Bob finally decides to help after seeing who his true friends were. Of course, you.". Percy begins wrestling with the automaton but notices that the heat resonating from the song has melted his earwax and signed his shirt. Both of them have met Ladon, the guardian dragon. Annabeth and Percy decide to face Setne, who is reading from the Book of Thoth, by themselves. The last they saw of them, Percy was driving his Prius on First Avenue singing along to Led Zeppelin on the radio, with Annabeth laughing at his bad voice. Percy and Hedge later collaborated to help save Annabeth. He also had a tense reunion with Calypso, awkwardly hugging each other. With no other choice, Percy swings Riptide forcing the celedon to stop singing and transform into a quail who flies to the top of Times Tower. Percy also told Blackjack that Jason was a friend, despite their rivalry. He took it while Zo and Artemis attacked Atlas together, but Zo is hit and thrown against the wall speeding up the poisoning done by Ladon which begins to kill her. Percy will be portrayed by Walker Scobell in the upcoming Disney+ series. Percy thinks of shoving her off the roof but reminds himself that she would transform into a bird causing an idea to form in his head and asks Grover if he can use the lyre to summon a birdcage. Inaccurate, a light Physical attack against all enemies. Percy and Annabeth decide to not tell Camp Half-Blood, at least not yet. However, he was annoyed when he could barely crawl out of the jar, and wanted him to crawl more and groan less. Rachel arrives, revealing that she has had a vision that read, "Perseus, you are not the hero. Nico reassured Percy that Beckendorf's death wasn't his fault, and said he spoke to his ghost. Then he and Mrs. O' Leary disappeared into the Long Island Sound. Even though Geryon double-crossed Percy, after his defeat, Percy asks Nico to stay on the ranch to keep him safe. In return, Hazel helped save Percy from Eidolons. While in the museum, Coach Hedge ended up saving Percy and Frank from Phorcys and Keto. As Percy and his mom help Grover up and try to get out, they saw the Minotaur, a half-man, half-bull monster, who had been chasing them. Despite Percy always looking for his mother's permission and approval as he gets older, Sally realizes that Percy is getting too old to always listen to her and tells him to do what he thinks is right. Piper knew that Percy had bad spirits inside him and after he exploded the toilets without trying, she wanted to leave the ship as soon as possible and wondered what he would like if he tried to act scary on purpose. They soon kept walking, and he saw the place where Poseidon and Athena started their rivalry. Sparing Ethan, Percy challenges his giant half-brother, Antaeus, the arena master, that is accompanying Luke so that Luke's army can pass. Carried Hera/Juno in another form across a river like Jason did (, Confronted Phineas, like Jason and the Argonauts did (, Fought Ephialtes and Otis, like Hercules and Dionysus did (, Fought in the Giant War like Hercules and Dionysus did (, Percy appears on the cover and in the storyline of almost every novel in both the, Both never knew a parent until they were twelve years old (, Both had to deal with bullies at school (, Both have delt with a bully using their control over water (. Together with Annabeth, he takes Percy to the giant Damasen's hut, to get him healed. After he slew Polybotes in The Son of Neptune, Percy received a tattoo of a trident and SPQR on the underside of his left arm to signify that he is a full member of the Roman Twelfth Legion Fulminata. As for Nico, Nico missed him a lot and his voice broke when he mentioned him as being the sea expert. Percy also told Jason about how Nico di Angelo tricked him and turned him in to Hades. All of a sudden I was soaring through the air. The Lightning Thief (film) The Sea of Monsters (film) The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Demigod Files The Last Olympian The Lost Hero (mentioned) The Son of Neptune The Demigod Diaries The Mark of Athena The Son of Sobek Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo The House of Hades The Staff of Serapis (mentioned) The Blood of Olympus The Crown of Ptolemy Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (narrator) Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes (narrator) The Hidden Oracle The Dark Prophecy (mentioned) The Hammer of Thor (mentioned) The Ship of the Dead The Burning Maze (mentioned) The Tyrant's Tomb (mentioned) The Tower of NeroUn Natale MezzosanguePercy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods

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